Chalet Hill is the most beautiful Natural Resort, located nearest to the Khao Yai National Park. The landscaping areas inside Chalet Hill are hilly, with many sloping zones covered with plenty of beautiful plants and trees and wide-open green grass fields. Staying at Chalet Hill, you will have a full relaxing time walking in our beautiful flower garden along the side of a small river stream, running from Khao Yai. This is the place where you can enjoy most of the natural beauty of Khao Yai's forest and mountains, the place that you may call the Switzerland of Thailand.

Chalet Hill is located at the height of 400 metres above sea level. The weather here is always cool all year round, and very cold in winter. One special logistical advantage of Chalet Hill is its site situated right at the northern part of the Khao Yai mountains, at exactly a particular zone where the mountain breezes flow across. This special characteristic of Chalet Hill attracts most of our guests who have become our regular visitors. Some of them decided to have permanent homes at Chalet Hill. This is an amazing place where you will surprisingly find that it is cool and windy in summer.

Inside Chalet Hill there are 2 main zones comprising the real estate area and the service resort area.

Presently there are some number of private homes in the residential area, and some available land for sales.

Our service resort offers you charming chalet homes, single/double rooms and large rooms for group staying. Extra beds and tents are available.

There are full-service facilities including a spacious clubhouse, a restaurant, a swimming pool, a snooker club, and Karaoke, conference and banquet rooms.

Other facilities are also available i.e. bicycle for rent, horse riding, rubber rafting (in season July-Nov.), golf playing, tour to Khao Yai, hiking, camping & camp fire.

For those who enjoy watching birds, butterflies and stars at night, Chalet Hill is one of the best places for these activities.

Come to Chalet Hill and experience a rewarding change to your life.

Location : Klong Deur Village, Tambon Moo See, Amphur Pak Chong, Changwad Nakornratchasima.
Travelling :  180 km. from Bangkok. Take route along the Friendship Highway to Pak Chong --> turn right to Khao Yai along Tanarat Road --> turn left at 23 km., last junction in front of the entrance gate of Khao Yai, to the road to Chalet Hill. Approximately 2 hours of travelling time from Bangkok.

Temperature : Summer 23-29 oC
Rainy season 20-25 oC
Winter 10-15 oC
Number of Chalet Homes : 20
Number of Rooms : 40